Memorial Day Weekend Wine Restocking Sale – Saturday May 27, 12PM-5PM + Update from the Orchards





Farm, Fruit, Wine & Winery Update + Exclusive Wine Sale May 27


SAVE 10% on Everything in the Tasting Room as we restock for the season.

We’ve missed you! Being a seasonal winery makes for some long, lonely times between seeing our favorite people – YOU!

So, as we were restocking wine on the winery shelves with our new Apple-Riesling Blended Wine and Cherry Infusion, a Brandy-Fortified Wine, we thought, why not make it a party?!

This Saturday, May 27 from 12PM-5PM is the ONLY time we’ll be open for tastings and wine sales in May, then we reopen for the season June 17, 2017. 

So what have we been doing over the winter? Work never stops at the farm. Our fruit trees have been spared from the frosty weather, including that scary late frost. We are very thankful as our peaches were in full bloom during the coldest days.

WGAL8 came out to interview Dad before and after the coldest days – Big News on the farm!

IMG_1471 peach-blossoms-to-wine

Why cold is bad. Any temps below 30 degrees F can essentially make the natural moisture in the blooms turn to ice and destroy the delicate cell structures in the blossom. Once the blossoms freeze – they won’t produce fruit for the entire season.

Pruning delayed. In fact, we were ahead on pruning the old wood out of the trees, but the cold temps require that you don’t prune, because pruning stimulates growth. We didn’t want to stimulate growth then have the new, soft tissues be exposed to cold.

What’s that have to do with wine? Our Peach Blossom Wine is 100% our fruit! Without peaches, we could have made the wine, but we’d have had to use someone else peaches. Not that other growers don’t do a good job, we just like to be in control of the quality from start to finish – We’re finicky that way 🙂

Swing in and restock – join the fun and enjoy the Summer Flavors a little early.

Hugh, one of the Winemakers at Maple Lawn Winery

Mason-Dixon Wine Trail 2017 Tour De Tanks

Visit Maple Lawn Winery at the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail 2017 Tour De Tanks event happening every weekend in March. Our hours for this special event are Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5pm.

Use the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail Brochure and Map to plan your stops as you drive to each location. It includes exclusive tank or barrel tastings, tours or educational experience, light food refreshments, 10% off wine purchases, and complimentary wine glass!

Don’t forget to have your ticket stamped at each location you visit. After you’ve visited eight or more wineries, return your ticket to any participating location to be entered to win a prize! Remember, only return your ticket after you have visited all the wineries on your list!

Purchase tickets for Tour de Tanks: Buy tickets at the winery or online.

If you have any questions about ordering online tickets please call 717-852-9675 or email

You must be 21 or older to purchase a ticket.

Groups – If you are planning to visit in a limo, bus, van or motor coach, we require a 24 hour advanced booking to make sure we are prepared to serve you efficiently.

Designated Drivers – We strongly encourage you to use a designated driver when you explore the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail.

Friday Sept 30, 2016: The First Annual “Homegrown Food & Wine Fest” at Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House


Matt Posey & Hugh McPherson pour samples at the Maple Lawn Winery tasting room during the July VIP Tasting Event. Maple Lawn Winery is located next to the Maple Lawn Farms Farm Market and wines are made on-site.
The First Annual “Homegrown Food & Wine Fest” at Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House
Join friends and neighbors Sept 30, 2016 6PM-9PM for a special Friday night outdoor event featuring “Local Food, Wine, Beer & Music”. Attendees are encouraged to bring a chair and sit under the stars enjoying LIVE music from Dwayne & Eric. Food trucks and mobile vendors offer food for purchase from Seafood to Barbecue. Guests may purchase a glass of wine from Maple Lawn Winery or pint of beer sourced from our neighborhood brewers, South County Brewing (located just 3 miles away from the farm in Fawn Grove).
Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House is the newest winery in York County at one of the oldest farms in York County. The fruit wines are made to stay as try true to the original fruit letting the tree-ripens flavors come through. Peach Blossom is the featured selection made from 100% Maple Lawn Farms grown peaches. Apple Blossom is a mix of apples grown on the farm and it’s crisp sweet finish works well chilled or warm and spiced with mulling spices sold in the farm market. Blueberry and cherry wines feature fruit flavors grown on the farm. Hard cider is a bubbly, crisp and dry apple beverage bottled in 12oz bottles.
Details & Location: Maple Lawn Farms Farm Market, 2885 New Park Rd, New Park, PA 17352
General Admission to the event is $5.00 and includes entrance, a wine or beer tasting.
Enhanced Admission is just $7.00 and includes, entrance, wine and beer tasting, and a Maple Lawn Winery stemmed wine glass.
Tickets are limited, required for admission, must be 21yrs+ and should be ordered in advance for the special Food & Wine event. Remaining tickets sold at the door.

New Blueberry & Cherry Wines

VIP Wine Tasting Event - New Blueberry and Cherry Wines

Introducing our NEW Blueberry and Cherry Wines!

You are invited to visit our tasting room and farm market for an exclusive VIP tasting event. Escape to the Pennsylvania countryside where you can relax, take a deep breath of clean air, and enjoy the fruits of our labor – real fruit from our real farm in its most delectable form.

VIP Wine Tasting Event

Friday, June 24th (6-8PM)

  • Limited spots available so register now!
  • Must be 21 years or older to register and attend

It’s finally here. Wine tasting & bakery holiday weekends.

Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House OPEN | Wine, Cider & Brews Micro-Tour | PLUS, Two holiday bakery weekends
Interesting Image
Big Pumpkin field
Every bottle is hand corked at our new winery. Click to watch video.
  1. Taste Hard Cider & Fruit Wines in our NEW tasting room, next to the farm market.
  2. Get bakery treats, jams and jellies in the farm market.
  3. Get sweet cider for your family get-together, too!
  4. Interested in a York Co. “Wine, Cider & Brews Micro-Tour”? [Click Here for a map!]
  5. Are you NOT interested in Winery Information?[CLICK here to get farm & maze ONLY info]
Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House is OPEN
Special Sampler Package includes:
  • Bottle of Peach Blossom
  • Bottle of Apple Blossom
  • 4-pak of Crooked Branch Hard Cider
  • (2) Glasses from your tasting!
Life on the Farm – “High on Relief”
We’re celebrating a new chapter in our family business with the opening of Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House. It proved to be a monumental project to start, figure out, complete, build, package, get licensed and permitted. If it weren’t for the support and assistance of many local business people, contractors, winery owners, our employees and friends we simply couldn’t have made this happen.

And we are relieved to be open and serving guests.
Does that ever happen to you? Have you seen your kids strive so hard towards a goal and have part of the joy of achievement be … relief?
We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and on our team to get this done. Farmer Matt took on a new role of winemaker, Mr. Charles learned and grew as his right-hand-man, I had to learn how to make sugar-content calculations, Michelle acted as quality control inspecting each bottle for clarity, Dad (Farmer Paul) had to learn a new system of refrigeration for the fruit juice and wine products and everyone worked hard to complete the physical tasks to get the tasting room and the production room ready.
The team had all this to do and run the farm & Maize Quest!
We are so relieved to be open and serving guests.
The “relief high” came for me last Saturday when we opened the doors and welcomed our first guests to the tasting room. Talk about final exam anxiety! With every pour, it felt like I was back in Mrs. Stewart’s 2nd grade classroom awaiting judgement on my paper.
Then, as we had hoped and worked for for so many months,it happened. People liked the wine. They liked the hard cider.
Oh, the relief.
A word of caution about the “High of Relief”. You might remember from your last big project, I remember distinctly from my days in the theater, that after the show’s run was complete; the high of the stage over, the audience gone and the relief from pressure complete, came the crash.
The crash is a natural response to the achievement, the coming of the end of the project that your blood, sweat and tears brought to completion. I know after each Maize Quest season, when the gates are closed and I can finally relax, I crash and often catch a cold as my immune system comes down off the adrenaline of harvest time.
Don’t worry if you find you crash a bit after the big event. It’s natural and you need time to rest, gather yourself and correctly choose the next mountain to climb. If you have a grand-kid who just finished final exams at college, let her rest and crash a bit – It’s OK.
There are just two more weekends for you to sample our new products and enjoy the bakery products you love as we’ve opened the farm market as well during this holiday season. Please join us and enjoy along with us the fruits of our labors… in there most concentrated form.
Thank you. Thank you for your support of this business, for your patience through the construction this summer, for your continued patronage in the orchards, for your continued willingness to get lost in our corn fields, for your love of this farm and our family.
While relieved to be done with this big project,it is only the beginning of a new season, further opening our doors, our farm and our lives’ work to you, our guests.
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh