Our Wines

Maple Lawn Winery - Wine Tasting - Pennsylvania Fruit Wines

The McPherson family’s century farm has been growing fruit for guests to enjoy for 5 generations. Our fruit wines and ciders are an extension of that bountiful harvest.

Our goal…

Our goal is to have each wine present the highest form of fresh fruit flavor; the truest character of each delicious, ripe fruit. For instance, when you drink our Peach Blossom Wine, you taste that peach; a peach ripened on the tree and harvested soft and juicy.

Authenticity from Nature

We aren’t out to prove how fancy or snooty we can be. We make wines you can enjoy on a summer afternoon as the sun sinks low and the crickets start singing. Our Apple Blossom Wine you can mull and warm, then snuggle up by the fire over winter.

Too often, in an effort to make themselves seem important, winemakers make wine only an elite few can enjoy. That ain’t us. As you visit and get to know us, our staff and our passion for agriculture, you’ll understand that while we may be transforming the fruit into wine, we’re making sure not to change the fruit’s natural essence; its authentic self.

There’s much more in store for our exploration of fruit wines. This is only the beginning of a new, long-term relationship with the amazing flavors produced by the best fruit in York County.

Farmer Hugh