Cherry Blossom Wine

Cherry Blossom Wine from Maple Lawn Winery - New Park, PA

The sweet tart Cherry Blossom Wine is a new experience for many who have tried it here at Maple Lawn Winery. We have chosen to keep the wine 100% cherry with no added blend of fruit. For all of you cherry lovers, this wine is a treat – a dessert wine reminiscent of cherry pie! Its unique cherry flavor will leave your taste buds surprised and overjoyed with delight.

Cherry Blossoms are one of the prettiest blossoms during the springtime. We wanted to create the same beauty with this bottle and wine. The frosted wine bottle with the deep cherry wine inside creates a bit of a romance.

Taste: Tart cherry flavor, tart to sweet finish
ABV: 10%
Bottle Size: 750 ML

Serving Recommendations:

  • Serve chilled anytime of the year